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Brake Head Lost Foam Ductile Iron Casting
  • Lost foam
  • 2019/09/29


Product Details

Product name: Brake Head Lost Foam Ductile Iron Casting

Product no. : td-03-16

Casting process: lost mold precision casting

Mold: general aluminum mold and steel mold

Mold material: STMMA copolymer resin

Mold shell: refractory coating

Process characteristics: replace the traditional sand mold casting, no need to lower the core to reduce the core work, the use of mold

Molding, dry sand vibration modeling, good dimensional stability

Casting tolerance range: CT8 TO CT9

Product weight range: 0.2kgs TO 200KGS

Rough surface finish: RA12.5

Casting material types: nodular cast iron, gray iron, alloy steel



Tongda casting has advanced water glass lost wax casting process, lost mold casting process, shell mold casting process and silica sol casting process, specializing in the production of ordinary carbon steel, low alloy steel, nodular iron, gray iron, stainless steel and other materials of precision casting parts and mechanical processing.It is a large scale foundry production base in China, integrating precision foundry and machinery processing plant.With an annual production capacity of more than 28,000 tons, it is mainly exported to North America, Europe, Asia and other countries.The enterprise fully implements 5S standardized management, implements iso9001:2015 and iatf16949:2016 quality management system, advocates ISO14001 environmental protection management system, and obtains the qualification certificate of foundry industry access issued by China foundry association, in order to achieve a win-win situation between enterprise performance and environmental performance.



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