Domestic situation of lost mold casting



(1) In recent years, the lost mold castings have developed rapidly in China, and the growth effect is also gratifying.This is more advanced in every aspect, the disappearance of mold casting domestic situation the factory's products have been exported to Malaysia and other neighboring countries.In addition, tsinghua university, huazhong university of science and technology and other high-end institutions have also made valuable contributions to the growth of die forging industry.The research and development of the equipment and the degree of manufacturing mainly in the following aspects:  the growth of the white area equipment: the pre-hair machine has been greatly improved and improved, whether it is the shape of the layout of the idea is still foam theory improvement and test wrist perfect have done a lot of things.The function of foaming machine has a great supply, and can be satisfied with the use of the basic requirements.Mould making machine respect also has inevitable improvement, follow the progress of active degree and use in domestic mould making respect, the active degree of domestic mould making machine also had more progress, the production efficiency of mould making and labor intensity of worker had bigger progress and improvement.However, further improvement and perfection are needed in the energy distribution of filling system.Gluing machine also did some things, but the size of the large die gluing degree and ability to be improved and perfect.Coating machine degree is lower, detection wrist is not perfect, paint department site dirty, messy, poor environment is not improved;Lack of paint receiver equipment and assembly.Map are sector enterprises today modes of life and manipulation of the stainless steel is concave and convex speed mixing container connecting kawasaki machine hand mold piece of great stop coating, but because he did not grasp the function of coating, not imagine justice precise jig, and by the operation of the machine hand trajectory to the differences, in the mold piece of each cavity layout handle myself is not a very good environment to use hand stop with leading mold piece appears when assaulted with mold piece contraction deformation, coating adhesion is not average, cavity thief signs such as serious topic.

(2) the growth of equipment in the black area: the vibration platform has been greatly improved and broken through, and it has made obvious progress in vibration principle and restraint technique.

1564033031420709.pngIt is close to the conception of foreign advanced equipment, but there are still inevitable differences in details and temperance.The assumption and manufacturing ability of sand cooler have also made great progress and improvement, which can meet the requirements of sand cooling disposal of the contour line without considering excessive pit conditions.Rain sand, vibration transport equipment and other ideas and manufacturing ability have been more advanced.The initiative of the assumption and implementation of a greater progress.Active casting machine ideas and manufacturing degree has been close to the foreign advanced.The idea of all exterior lines changes greatly, the wiring is more reasonable, the operation is more reliable.

(3) process degree growth: the process degree is mainly manifested in the batch production process of engine cylinder block and cylinder head casting and the production process of high-difficulty wear-resisting and heat-resisting casting.